Monday, November 8, 2010

Short week

Monday morning, again. It seems that this past weekend has flown by! Regular three day weekends would be nice, however, I can't complain too much since this will be a short week. Thursday is Remembrance Day, and Government employees get the day off, so we can take time to remember. Since it's a Thursday, I decided to take the Friday off as well. Short week, longer weekend! Which is great, because there is still so much to do around the house. We are making progress, and I hope that we can finish unpacking and arranging the upstairs this week and weekend. After that it's on to the basement, and then we can really start painting and add some colour to the house.
This past weekend we put my desk together, and put the bookcases in place, which definitely makes a bit of a difference. We've had some people over this weekend (Carrie, JoAnn), and everyone seem to love the house! Which, of course makes us feel proud! We're still happy as well and the cats really seem to enjoy it as well. Murphy seems to be full of energy these days, and discovered a new 'game'. Running around the corner, sliding on his back (!) at the bottom of the stairs and then moving forward by pushing his claws into the carpet on the stairs. Not sure if it makes sense, but he seems to be enjoying it immensely!

I am still riding my bike to work, unless the weather is too crappy. This morning it was chilly (-2, windchill of -6), but still enjoyable. The hardest part is getting changed at work, and having to put on clothes that are freezing cold!  But it's definitely a nice way to wake up in the morning. I wonder how long I can keep this up, before winter will really set in.

In the meantime, Nolan's moustache is growing well... He should update the photo on his Movember page! I'll try to convince him to do so soon.

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