Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Looking for spring...

It looks like spring has forgotten us this year. Today we have a freezing rain and winter storm warning in effect. It’s April!! Is there anybody we can remind that spring actually started a long time ago?? The trees and shrubs are showing buds, but no leaves yet. Are grass is still brown, and the crocuses are just poking their head above the ground. And then they are being chewed up by our local bunny. It looks like some of the tulips are coming up as well, so hopefully in not too long we’ll actually have some colour in our back yard! That would be nice!  But I am sure that summer is just around the corner, right?? But in the meantime, if you happen to find spring, please send it this way.

Besides the crappy weather, life goes on. My dad is slowly but surely heading in the right direction, which is good news. By the way, thank you for all the messages, notes, etc. Much appreciated! Nolan and I are both busy with work (what’s new?), but we are somewhat in limbo when it comes to our operating and research budget for next year, since we don’t have a sitting government right now. Our government fell and elections are called for May 2nd, so hopefully we’ll get some more clarity after that date. That doesn’t mean it’s quiet at work! But I’m definitely not complaining, I still love what I do!

Running is not going so well. Between crappy weather, busy at work and lots of travel, we just don’t seem to have the energy. Maybe once the weather is getting nicer we can pick it up again. We decided to pull out of the Ottawa half marathon, just because we didn’t want the pressure of having to run right now. Running should be a fun thing to do, and we’ll get back into it this summer for sure. When we’re ready.

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