Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Parents - Update

It's been a week now since my parents arrived, and it seems like time is just flying by! But by the same token, I can barely remember what we did do yesterday. I'll try to give a bit of a recount...
I had to go to the PRF last week for a tour of our HQ group out of Ottawa. I wasn't feeling great, but decided to make the trip anyway. I was supposed to spend the afternoon there for meetings, but decided to go home since I just wasn't feeling great. My parents spent the night in Kingston after visiting with the Belleville gang, and would visit with Nolan's parents on Thursday. I love the fact that they are here, but it was also nice that since I wasn't feeling well, I could just go home and crash on the couch without being social!
The next day the cold really hit me, and I actually called in sick. I think it's the first time ever that Nolan has seen me sick! Needless to say we took it easy Thursday and Friday, which we both had off, and just did some work around the house.
On Saturday we went to the Museum of Nature which was quite impressive. The best part? The bug department!! We saw grasshoppers mating and laying eggs, and we say really cool bugs emerging from the soil! Nolan and I were both mesmerized, and had to be removed by staff when we were hanging around for too long...
Sunday we went running with Ann, and were actually able to do 16 km! Quite the achievement (if I may say so), since we hadn't run an awful lot in the past week, and the mercury was started to climb as well. But we took our time, and ended up having a great run! We had some conversations that I would love to post here, but I was sworn to secrecy...
Nolan's parents showed up for lunch, and the parents took over the house. We really had nothing to control anymore! But it was great to see how well along they all get.
It had been a hot and muggy day, and by the end of the day, a sudden storm rolled in. We watched it come in, but it still hit us quite unexpectedly. Strong winds, heavy downpours and lots of lightning made for a very impressive storm.
Luckily we didn't have any damage, but some people were not so lucky. The main stage at Ottawa's Bluesfest collapsed (maybe two storms in just over a week was too much??). Luckily there were only two injuries and nothing more major. It could have been so much worse.

I worked Monday morning, but in the afternoon my mom and I went for a great walk in the Greenbelt. We say a buck with a huge rack and some other small animals. It was just nice to be out in the woods, with great company. We stopped at Don Cherry's (!!) for a beer, before making the track home. Well deserved, right?!  We also went for Indian food for dinner. Of course we ate too much, but it was worth it!
On Tuesday I had to head back to the PRF to host the Meet and Greet for the judges of the Canadian Forces Sustainable Communities, but the storm knocked down a tree on the Visitor's Centre, and it damaged the displays and the building, so that option was out. A new venue was quickly found, and the Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre offered to host the judges. I was still allowed to present on the PRF (and the judges were quite interested, just like rest of the group), but on top of that got a tour of the centre, which was very interesting!!
My folks in the meantime decided to spend the day in Mont Tremblant, and ended up liking it so much that they decided to spend the night there as well.  They are expected to come home tonight, and then we'll make some plans for the next few days. Nolan and I have time off until they go back home Monday night, so time to do stuff.
However, we are experiencing a heat wave, which can make it a bit harder to do a lot of stuff outside. They are forecasting 35 degrees for tomorrow, but also a humidex of 47... In other words, a sauna!
We're now trying to find something to do for tomorrow, which is a very special day since it's my birthday! So to be continued...

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