Monday, November 7, 2011


Today I decided to do it fifty-fifty: work half a day, and take half a day off. I needed a mental break to mend my braincells together after last weekend, and some time to just be. The first thing I had to do today though, was return the rental I had for the weekend. Instead of taking the bus home, or catch a ride, I decided to walk home. It's about a 7k walk through the Greenbelt, and definitely a great way to start the day! I was smart enough to bring a camera this time, and was able to take a couple of nice pictures:

Deer season opened today, and I have to admit that I'm glad that there is hunting in the Greenbelt! 
OOPS, that should read: is NO HUNTING!!!

A porcupine up in a large white pine tree

See that little ball on the branch? That's the porcupine...

Hairy woodpecker

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  1. Goh jij hebt wel veel gezien op die 7 km! Geweldig gewoon!
    Afgelopen week hier een groepje "baltsende" kalkoenen op het veld gehad. Mooi gezicht! En een mannetjes hert met een groot gewei op zijn hoofd. Van te voren zagen we alleen vrouwtjes. Vervolgens hoorde Myrthe ze de halve nacht burlen.
    Echt herfst dus!