Tuesday, February 28, 2012

As promised... Some photos

As mentioned in my previous post, I am planning on adding more photos to my blog, trying to keep it more fun.
Probably a good thing. I just got back from a day-long meeting in Pointe Claire, (which was really good, but wouldn't make interesting photos), that wiped me out, so whatever text I would compose right now would't make much sense anyway.

Not bad to be a cat...

Nolan with his new glasses. This photo was taken early Sunday morning before our run, hence the bad hair...

Fertile has a really thick coat, as you can see. She seems very content. 

Our amaryllis grew out of control, and now it's produced seeds. Not sure what to do with them. I guess seed them next year? 

Squirrels benefiting from our bird feeders.

And my orchid is coming back alive!

Murphy discovered the benefits of sleeping underneath chairs... 

And a couple more squirrel pictures. Just for fun. 

That's it. More photos will follow. Soon. I promise. And maybe I'll include more interesting photos as well, since cats and squirrels seem to be a recurring theme. Maybe I'll add a photo of myself. Who knows!

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