Monday, February 14, 2011

Invisalign and Cats

Last week feels like a blur. It was good, but it just all went by so quickly. I guess that’s what happens when you’re busy, and have fun at the same time!
I spent one day in Kemptville last week, attending a meeting to discuss short rotation woody crops opportunities in Eastern Ontario, which was very interesting and shed some light on the challengers, but also possibilities.  More to follow…
On that same day, I spent about an hour in my dentist’s chair, to have impressions taken in order to start my Invisalign treatment. I had an initial assessment done over a year ago, and after some hard thinking I decided to go ahead with the treatments. If all goes well, I’ll have Invisalign retainers (which are basically clear plastic trays that go over your teeth, and should be invisible), for the next year or so. I’m really curious to see how they will feel, and how it will impact my life. I will have to take them out when I eat, or drink coffee (or other dark drinks, such as wine…), but you need to wear them about 22 hours a day to be effective. Hence I can see a significant decrease in my coffee intake (and my grazing behaviour, but that might not be a bad thing…). I’ll receive my first pair on March 1st, and I’ll make sure to let you know who it will be going.

On Saturday we went to see Cats, the musical. The reviews earlier in the week were not very promising, but the show itself was very well done. Sure, the first half might have been a tad slow, the second half absolutely made up for it. I was just plain incredible, with amazing talent, both vocal and dance. Well worth it!
We got a bit of snow on Sunday, which made for a tough run Sunday morning, but despite the poor footing I was still able to get (another) 18.5km in. The run being so hard, I think that should count for a 20km run as was scheduled, right?!

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