Thursday, February 3, 2011


In a previous post (see here), I showed some pictures of Murphy, showing off his cute self. Since he's really good at that, I decided to add some more. Just one warning, there are a few of them...

But Fertile can look cute as well:

Quite the princess:

Murphy loves the stairs. His favourite place to sleep when we're watching tv.

Yesterday we finally had a bit of a snow storm. Sure, in some place it caused some havoc, especially in the United States, but I guess we got a little bit as well. I think in the end we might have ended with another 20 cm, but it was the blowing snow that really made it feel like we received a 2-foot dump.
A few more photos to get an impression. Next time there will be more text!

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  1. Geweldig die kattenfoto's! Het zijn tegenwoordig mijn favoriete modellen in het asiel vanwege hun enorme diversiteit in expressie!
    Heel leuk!