Saturday, January 22, 2011


It happened. It finally did. I am sick.
It’s the first time that Nolan has seen me sick, so I guess on average I’m not sick very often. I’ve tried to fight it all week, but Thursday night I couldn’t pretend anymore. I was coughing the lunges out of my body, and let me tell you, it did not feel good. At first I thought I would be ok, and could make it to the CIF meeting on Friday, but that was a little too optimistic. I’m feeling better now, although a grocery run this morning tired me out some. But it was worth it, now we have a fridge stocked with fresh veggies and fruit again. And OJ to make sure we quadruple our Vitamin C intake
We’re in the midst of a, somewhat minor, cold snap. It was -23 this morning, and tomorrow we’re supposedly getting a high of -22. Crisp for sure! I’m not sure if I feel like running tomorrow, but if so, I might chicken out and hit the treadmill. Although, it is beautiful right now (or so it looks…), clear blue skies, lots of sun and white snow. But oh so deceiving when you step out of the door.
With my cold, or whatever it is, my running is definitely suffering, unfortunately. But I decided to just take it easy and feel better, before I really get back at it again. The half marathon is in 5 weeks, so I don’t have a lot of time, but as long as I can get some long runs in, I’ll be fine.
Work is definitely picking up as well. We have a lot of activities coming up in the near future, together with (year-end) deadlines, which makes for interesting times! But it’s all fun, so that’s good.

When we were in the Netherlands last year, Anne Mieke and Hugo gave us a painting of Rome, which my mom actually brought to Canada in October. We finally got around to get it framed, and we are vert happy with the result. It looks beautiful, both the painting and the frame. Look for yourself!

Below some photos of Murphy. For some reason he always manages to look cute. Next time I’ll try to snap some photos of Fertile as well, she can be cute as well J


  1. Take care of yourself! I know for a fact that it is a very bad idea to tire you body out even more by running (treadmill or not) when you're sick!

  2. Thanks Yet. I know it's bad, but also sooo hard not being able to do anything. I'm not very good at sitting still :)

  3. Hey Katalijn,
    Thanks for your comment on our blog :)
    take care & get well soon!