Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back to Normal

Happy New Year to you all!
And as the title says, life is back to normal. In more than one aspect. First of all, the holidays are over and we’re back to work. Nolan started his new job, and so far so good!
We spent some days over the holidays unpacking the last few boxes and cleaning up the basement. Now it looks even bigger! But it’s nice to have that space for sure. We already had a little work-out area with some mats and our treadmill, but now we’re dreaming of more equipment… Who knows, maybe someday?
Most of the snow melted on New Year’s Day after some heavy rainfall, but we received a new dusting yesterday, so at least it looks white again. We tried to go for a run on the trails Monday afternoon, but that was cut short since all the rain that had fallen on the weekend had frozen over (since it couldn’t be absorbed by the frozen ground), so the trails were better accessible on skates, unfortunately. But we are getting back into the running mode again. We both ran the 10km Resolution Run on New Year’s eve, and although perhaps not our fastest times (it’s a non-timed event), we had fun and it was nice to run in thinner tights and not having to dress up in 7 layers… Afterwards we had a great get-together with some friends to celebrate the New Year. This year we had a Thai theme, i.e. everybody was asked to bring a Thai dish. Huge success!
On New Year’s Day we went to see Legally Blonde, the Musical. Perhaps because our expectations were not super high, the show was actually cute and well done. Time well spent!
We also received some new furniture this week, so our house is looking more and more like a well furnished palace J I should take some pictures again soon. My laptop is about to die and is almost out of memory, but I’ll try to upload some pictures soon.
One last thing: we booked tickets to go to the Netherlands for Easter. This time it will be special, since we’re not the only out-own-town guests…

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