Friday, May 6, 2011

More photos!

 If you're just like me, you like looking at other people's photos. Am I right?! I finally backed up my BlackBerry today, and also downloaded the pictures I took with it. Some of them might be worth sharing so here we go. The past nine months or so in photos:

Our finishers medal and bib number from the Montreal Marathon, September 2010

Fertile loves boxes...

And so does Murphy.

Jasper, AB. September 2010 during the CIF AGM.

It doesn't happen very often that our cats sleep close together...

Especially this close!

Murphy learning from Fertile: how can I sleep on the smallest bag...

Winter wonderland at the PRF. Needless to say I love my job!

Me, severely jet-lagged.

My brother Gijsbert, aka Max

Willem (my parents cat)

Sien (my parents other cat)

Willem trying to type some emails as well

And this happens when we're not home

Our cats love our house. So do we!

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