Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just an update

Not sure what to write about, or what to update about.
One thing is for sure, the weather is back to normal. Summer weather is over, and we're back to normal with real March weather!
This morning we had a 29k run to complete, which we did so in the snow and rain! It's definitely been a while since we rain in either snow or rain. We made sure we kept a comfortable pace, and it paid off: we had a good run and felt strong until the end. Good news after a so-so week of running.
Work has also been busy and challenging at times, but I also finished a large project last Friday which felt really good. And I still really like what I do! On Tuesday, we had an hour long meeting while walking in the woods. How can you complain about that?!

On other news, the Ontario Woodlot Association had their Annual General Meeting last week, and I got re-elected to the Provincial Board of directors (I'm still on the executive committee as well; new members for the exec will elected at the next meeting). So that was good news.
We also went to the Ottawa Auto Show last week, where we tried to get an idea for a new vehicle. Well we did. Some of the cars that we thought would be a good fit, turned out to be not so great at all. And then some others were better than we thought they would be. The bonus of the auto show is that we don't have to visit several dealers. We now narrowed it down to a couple, and hopefully we can go for a test drive soon!

And that's pretty much it for us. Not much to tell. We're busy with work, running, our house, and just enjoying our lives in general!

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