Sunday, April 22, 2012

A visitor and an update on the marathon training

This past week we had a visitor! It turned out that my brother was in our neck of the woods! He was in Boston to attend a wedding, and the weekend prior to the wedding, they had decided to plan a bachelor's party in Montreal, of all places... But it worked out well, since he was able to come and visit us for a bit!

Gijsbert (aka Max) arrived on Sunday afternoon, and was slightly tired from a fun weekend in Montreal. This was actually a really good thing, since both Nolan and I were somewhat tired as well from our long run that morning (more about that later on...). We took it easy, and just chatted and caught up. I took Monday off, which was spent mainly around the house and running some errands (including a visit to the dentist...). Tuesday we had to go to work, and Max went to visit the National Art Gallery. I was able to leave work a bit early, and we ended up in a pub chatting about anything and everything, which was great! We continued the conversation with Nolan over dinner that night. Of course, with another beer...
Nolan and I both took Wednesday off, and it was a beautiful day, albeit a bit chilly. We decided to spend the day in the Gatineau's and hiked the Wolf Trail, an 8 k loop that was somewhat difficult (or at least according to the map). It turned out to be a great day, lots of blue skies and very few people. The way we like it! Both Max and Nolan engaged in some photography during our hike:

The last picture is of a pileated woodpecker :) They are just amazing birds. We actually saw another one on our run today!

After our long walk on Wednesday, we took it easy that evening, and simply at ate home, and played games. Good times!
Max had to catch an early bus the next morning, heading back to Boston, so Nolan dropped him at the bus station off, before dropping me off at work. And then life was pretty much back to normal.

We're in the height of our marathon training, and I have to admit it comes with its ups and downs. Last weekend's long run was a bit of a disaster. We were scheduled to run 32 km, but I started to crash only 12km in. Not a good thing. I managed to get up to 25, but at that point the tank was absolutely empty, and I just could not go any further. I walked home, while Nolan finished the 32km. I was mad, disappointed, but also worried. How am I supposed to run a marathon, if I can't even get up to 30km? We had run 29km the two previous weeks, so I knew I could do something. It might have been that I didn't eat enough for breakfast, who knows... We didn't run much the rest of the week. Partly because Gijsbert was here, but both Nolan and I also had some (hopefully minor) injuries. Nolan fell during a trail run about a week and a half ago and hurt his hip. It's a nice purple, still! It didn't bother him too much during the 32 km run, but it definitely felt tight during the week. I've had some nagging pain in my left knee, which just doesn't feel great. We managed to get a 8km run in on Thursday, but when we wanted to go out on Friday, but knee just didn't feel good, and we decided to skip that run. Maybe some rest was the right thing to do, because our run this morning felt much better. I also made sure I had a good breakfast! We were supposed to do 23km, but felt good, and I needed to confidence, so we decided on a 26km run. However, by the time we were close to home, I still had some energy left, and added another 6km, to make up for the 32km run that I missed last week. I'm a little sore now, and my knees are not too happy, but I'm glad I did it. We ran in the Greenbelt, and it's so much easier on the legs, that I'm a little worried about running the marathon on pavement only...

And now Nolan is off to Waterloo for a conference, so it's extra quiet at home, and it's just me vegging on the couch, getting ready for another week at work, with apparently SNOW on the way. Not sure what to think of that. Well, I do know what to think of that, but it's not to be repeated on this blog.
Have a great week!

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