Monday, February 25, 2013

Guest post by Tina!

The following was written by our dear friend Tina, who recently spent some time with us. Thanks Tina for taking the time to write this!

When my husband and I found ourselves with a free long weekend in February, our thoughts immediately turned to Ottawa. While the city is a fabulous place in the winter, we also wanted to spend our time off with our dear friends Katalijn and Nolan.
While they are technically Rileys longtime friends, their recent addition to my life has enriched it in every way.
They kindly offered to let us stay in their house which was actually a bed and breakfast in our case since they not only housed us, but fed us (delicious food) and entertained us. Im still waiting for the bill to show up in the mail ;)
We packed up our one and a half year old daughter, made the five hour trip and spent several days with this wonderful couple.
There were many highlights of the weekend. The first was meeting Zora – the amazing puppy Nolan and Kat adopted from the humane society. Shes a lovely dog and so well behaved. Nolan and Kat are doing a great job at obedience training.
Another highlight was a girls night out at the curling rink. I filled in for Nolan, which the other team members agreed was an improvement in every way - haha. I hadnt thrown a rock since my teenage days, but I was able to make some respectable shots by the middle of the game. Kat was one of the stars of the night, but my second rock in the last end was considered by the other team as the throw of the game. Word got around and there were several offers from national womens teams to serve as a spare. Unfortunately, the money offered was not enough, so Im going to stick to recreational curling for now.
Kat and Nolan also took us to the greenbelt, where we fed chickadees out of the palms of our hands. My daughter was fascinated that birds were coming to eat out of mommys hands. A wonderful experience.
We look forward to our next get together with Nolan and Kat. We wish they lived closer to Toronto, but it is always nice to know they are only a five hour drive – or an e-mail - away.

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