Sunday, March 24, 2013

Long time...

Since I last posted. Almost a month ago. I guess there is just not much to tell these days! Spring is still a long way away (we haven't seen our lawn since December, as it is still covered by several inches of snow). But some birds are coming back, such as the robins and the red-winged blackbirds, so spring can't be too far away. And the fact that the days are so much longer (or so it feels) also makes it a bit easier.

Nolan was fighting a nasty flu bog for a while. We even ended up at the hospital, since they wanted to take chest x-rays to make sure he didn't have pneumonia. Luckily that was not the case, and he seems to finally get over his cough (four weeks later...).

Zora is doing great. Still puppy-hyper, but also very happy and getting better at her obedience classes, although we still have some things to learn. But she'll get there. She is definitely a great addition to the family; even Murphy thinks so! They play together quite a bit and look each other up, so that's a good sign. Fertile is indifferent, but she's old and as long as she can sleep in her bed in the sun, life is good for her (so we're hoping for a bit more sunshine...).

Work is also good but busy. We're getting close to year-end (our fiscal year runs April 1 - March 31), which is always a busy time. But I'm having fun, and that's the main thing. And next week will be a short one. I get Friday and Monday off for Easter, and decided to take Thursday off as well, so a nice long long weekend. Too bad Nolan has to work Monday :)

We went to see Whitehorse last night. A band we saw play at Bluesfest a few years ago and really enjoyed it a lot. They played at the NAC last night, and absolutely rocked. Very much worth it! And a great way to start celebrating being together for six years (today six years ago we met for the first time in person, at the Chapters in Kanata. Who knew we would actually end up in Kanata!).

Besides that, life is pretty much the same. Running has been pushed to the background. With Nolan sick, I walked Zora a lot, and didn't always have the energy to run as well. We finally started again today, so hopefully we can bring it back up again to reasonable distances this summer. And when Zora is old enough, she can join us. Right now we just walk her quite a bit, trying to keep her calm. But we can walk her for an hour, and then she easily runs like an idiot in our backyard for another 30 min. Too much energy!! I guess it keeps us in shape as well.

Happy Easter!

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