Saturday, May 11, 2013

Algonquin Park

We've had summer-like weather for over a week, and as luck would have it, we'd planned a weekend in Algonquin Park with Walt and Deb right in the middle of it. It was beautiful! The weather was awesome, albeit a little chilly at night, and no flies yet! We did several hikes, socialized, and caught up. Zora was great and I think she really enjoyed herself. All she did when we got home was sleep! We definitely had a great time, and are thinking of going back before the summer is over!

Below a couple of pictures:


  1. wauw, dat ziet er prachtig uit! en heel mooie foto's ook!

  2. Thanks! Nolan heeft de meeste genomen. Met een vrij simpele camera :) Maar het is zeker mooi. De moeite waard om te bezoeken als je ooit in de buurt bent.

  3. Glad to have known your amazing experience in Algonquin park! I have been there last month with my fiance and we really loved being there. We stayed in Algonquin park lodge where had a good time. It is the first i do kayaking there and that too with my forever love! That was the most wonderful moments in my life!