Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pregnancy and work update

Time seems to be flying by! And really, life just keeps on rolling.
I'm now officially 21 weeks pregnant, which means that we passed the half-way mark. Wow! We had our 20 week Ultra-sound last week, and everything looks good. We don't know whether is going to be a boy or a girl, that will be a surprise. In the meantime we're trying to figure out names and are slowly realizing that it seems easier than it sounds to come up with some decent names! Hopefully we succeed :)

I'm feeling good as well, although I can tell I do get tired more quickly. But I think that's normal? What might have something to do with it, is that work has been crazy busy lately as well, to a point that it's hard to let go of it at times. Which of course doesn't help with the tiredness problem. But hopefully that will ease up soon as well. I am learning to say no more often, and take it easy, finally, so that is good.
It's the busy time of year for us though. Fieldwork is in full swing at the PRF, contracts need to be put in place, and on top of that, most of the people on my team are either on leave or have reduced their hours, so a lot of the work is ending up on my plate. Maybe taking a year of for mat leave is not such a bad idea!  Although it's hard to imagine to be off work for such a long time. We haven't fully decided yet if Nolan will take a part of that as well.

We, well mainly Nolan, spent the day yesterday emptying out our house (main floor). We having it painted this week, so everything had to be taken of the walls, all knick-knacks and plants had to be put away, and we had to empty the bookcase and hutch so it could be moved away from the walls. At least it will give us an opportunity to clean it thoroughly once their done. And of course, it will be so nice once it's done!
It's been a couple of months of house reno's. We also got a new roof last month, and we found out we had weasel (!) using our house for its hunting grounds... So we had to have someone come in to seal off the holes. Not fun, and if they were just mice (like we've had before) I wouldn't be too concerned, but weasels are way too vicious to have a nice relationship with, and I'm not sure the cats would take care of them. Their cool to see, but rather outside than inside!

Nolan is still running, and I just stick to the walking. Suits me fine and Zora likes to walk. That dog never runs out of energy! It will be great when she is old enough to take running or take along the bike. An easy way to burn of some steam. But in the meantime he's spending a lot of time playing with Murphy, and that gets him back in shape as well, so a win-win situation.

We also we finally able to put our garden in, and have been enjoying some strawberries and rhubarb this year. Hopefully the tomatoes, peppers and eggplant will also do well. And of course the flowers and plants to add some colour. Can't wait for summer to really get here!

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