Monday, March 3, 2014

Carice 5 months

Carice is now 5 months, and it's crazy how quickly time flies by! But it's been fun.

The last week of January, just before Nolan went back to work, we decided to go away for a few days. Since we didn't have Carice's passport on time, we had to stay in Canada and decided on Deerhurst, just west of Algonquin Park. A good choice. Nice and quiet, and snowy! We went snowshoeing, walking and most of all, we relaxed!

Carice all bundled up.

The view from the top.

The 'hill' we conquered!

A snowy walk!

Otherwise things are still going well. I take Carice wherever I go, and she's just an easy kid! I had her up at the PRF for a meeting, and she was on her best behaviour (and all the guys loved her!!).  She is still sleeping well at night, so no complains there (I have a harder time sleeping than she does...). Naps can be another story, but I'll take a full night sleep any day!

Nolan is enjoying his new job, and I think the routine that comes with it :) I'm starting to get back into the running spirit, but with Carice not sleeping too well during the day, it can be challenging. The fact that it's still bloody cold and snowy doesn't help either. But at least lots of sunshine!

Best friends already!

Yesterday we spent the day in the woods with some coworkers. It was great, with campfire and hotdogs, and Nolan even learned how to drive a snow mobile!

And the animals are happy too. Although Zora is done with winter!

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