Monday, July 7, 2014

Nine months and counting

It's been quiet on the blog front, and that is partly because it's been a very intense time, both good and bad.

Nolan's father passed away early June after a three month battle with duodenum cancer. His death has been hard on all of us. It is still surreal to think he is no longer here, and that Carice will grow up not remembering her grandfather. But she did provide some shine in this dark and sad time, and was able to lift his spirits.

We also had some very good moments. We were able to travel to the Netherlands and England to attend my sister Monika's wedding, and visit with friends and family.
The wedding was absolutely wonderful, with a beaming bride and groom, and lots of people to catch up with!

Carice was absolutely amazing on the trip. She was the perfect baby on all the plane rides, and was shamelessly flirting with everyone she saw. She enjoyed the Dutch strawberries, and made new friends with my parents dog, Resa.

All in all we are doing well. We are enjoying summer and just being able to spend more time outside. I even managed to get a tan for the first time ever! Nolan is enjoying his job, although it's definitely more challenging than his old one. But he's one that likes a good challenge!

Carice is still doing well. Her sleeping is not as solid as it has been, but she's also moving around way more (crawling, sitting up), so she might just be more restless at night. Still nothing really to complain about.
She's eating well, and even though she doesn't have any teeth yet, she has no issues munching down a whole piece of watermelon, or other hard foods like apples. There's not much she doesn't like, but her all time favourites might be strawberries and tomatoes. Luckily we're now getting tomatoes out of our own backyard, so they are hard to beat of course!

We had our 9 month check up last week, and she came in at a whopping 21.1 lbs (9.8 kg) and 68 cm. In summary a very healthy and happy baby!

Carice loves to laugh!!

Waiting for our connecting flight in Frankfurt

With daddy in Amerongen

With opa on the floor...

Reading with Oma!

What do you mean, you can't pull Resa's hair?

Who turned the light off?

Train selfie on our way to England

In the hotel in Canterbury

The beautiful bride and groom!
And look, it didn't rain :)

Family picture

Carice looking super cute!

Happy in her British stroller.

Eating yoghurt back home

High five, Zora!

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