Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Montreal Marathon: the aftermath

It’s been 4 days now since we ran those famous 42.2 km, and we’re starting to feel more human. Stated, we both took a hot bath Monday night to loosen up our quads, and we’ve gone for a few walks to prevent those muscles too much from stiffen up. The first couple of days were almost funny: you need about 15 minutes to get out of the car. Going down the stairs backwards? We’re masters at it now! Going to the bathroom becomes an interesting adventure and Nolan and I both admitted to using the handicapped stalls because the toilets are higher…
But today, we can both tell that we’re almost back to normal. Well, except for a sharp pain at the bottom of my left foot that came out of nowhere last night. I’ll ice it with the water bottle (fantastic trick for plantar fasciitis!), to soothe it, and that will hopefully do the trick.

Only 8 more nights in our current house, and a whole house to pack up! But we’re both very excited about the new place, and can’t wait to move in and make it our own. Too bad that a week after we move in, I’ll be leaving Nolan alone for a trip to Jasper. Yes indeed, rough life :-)

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