Monday, September 20, 2010

Moved in!

Well, sort of. We had hired movers for Thursday, and that was the best investment ever! They were very professional, quick, smart and amusing, and they didn't break anything! It would have taken us days to do what they did in less than 5 hours. We thought we'd left some 'small stuff' behind, which would be easy enough for us to move (personal stuff, some clothes, etc).  Even that small stuff took all of Friday morning... It's amazing how much stuff one accumulates in a few years. Especially when you have a house where you can hide most of it.  But everything is in our new house now, and the kitchen, living room, dining room, our bedroom and bathroom are somewhat organized. It still needs some (a lot!) of personal touches, but it's getting there. The garage is still full of stuff, so is the basement, and the other bedrooms as well.  Really, we're just spoiled with our new house, and it will take time making it the way we want it. But we have lots of time, especially since this time we're planning on actually staying here for many years.

Tonight, we cleaned up the yard. Nolan cut the grass (lots of it!), and I trimmed the tree down in front of our house. Now we can actually see when we're leaving the drive way. Working outside was a good way to meet some of the neighbours as well, and so far all the neighbours seem really nice. Very friendly, everybody walked over to say hi, and it feels very welcoming. So overall, we are very happy with this house, and it's location. I'll take some pictures tomorrow, and will post them.

This past weekend was also the Army Run. We'd signed up for the half marathon, but with everything else going on, and looking at all the things we still wanted to do at the house, we decided to skip it this time. Maybe not a bad thing...

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