Friday, September 3, 2010

Last minute preparations

With the marathon less than 48 hours away, we're really into the last minute preparations. So what did we do? We went out for dinner and shared a small Greek pizza, a nice house salad, and, of course, a beer. Beer is mainly carbs, right? But we behaved ourselves somewhat and didn't go overboard. And we walked to the restaurant, to move our legs a little bit, without overdoing it.
We packed all our staff tonight, made sure we have enough running clothes, gels, beans, water packs, hats, extra clothes, etc etc.
The weather has cooled down a bit; up until today it's been 30 degrees every single day but rain and a thunderstorm broke the heat.  And, the forecast for Sunday is promising: overcast, 17 degrees and a slight chance of showers. Sounds good to me! We feel ready, and are looking forward to the actual race. We haven't run much this week, and our bodies are starting to tell us that we need to get moving!
Of course, a race report will follow early next week. I'll also start writing about other things than running, because trust me, there is more going on in our lives! Such as, moving into a new house...

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