Saturday, June 11, 2011

Expo 150

This week and weekend I'm excited to promote the Petawawa Research Forest during Expo 150. You might wonder what Expo 150 is? It is a massive Expo to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Renfrew County, while in the meantime promoting and recognizing local organizations, companies, townships, etc. There are at least 150 exhibitors, a huge military section (surprise!), but also a really nice forestry section (yes, that is where you can find us).
After the scorching heat we had on Wednesday (with a humidex of 43 degrees...), the days of Expo have been rather cool. Today a high of only 19, and tomorrow we might be lucky if we reach that. In the meantime we're also keeping our fingers crossed that we won't get rain.
But all that aside, the event is definitely worth while visiting. There is so much to see and do, and a tonne of information. You can tell that people get saturated with information, so much there is to see.
The responses we get to the Research Forest are what we had expected: Are you still open? Is there still research happening there? I thought it shut down?  We have told several people now that we're still alive and kicking, so we reached our goal already: creating awareness among the local public. And especially today should be a busy day, so many more opportunities to get the word out that we are very much alive and active!

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