Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stuff we talk about during our runs

We quite often run with our good friends Ann and JoAnn, and in an attempt to start running more often, we have decided to commit to running with them on Wednesday evenings as well. We meet close to my office, so it's not that difficult to do. Some of us are struggling with injuries, and it is just like long runs, you something start talking about the weirdest things to distract yourself from the actual running part.
An excerpt from tonight's run:
Ann: we saw this huge splash in the canal last week
Nolan: Maybe it was a dolphin.
Ann: I don't think fresh water dolphins exist
Nolan: Well, maybe in the future they might have evolved to fresh water dolphins. Maybe we can create a salt water canal and add the dolphins!
JoAnn: Yes, and then we can have lobsters in the canal
Me: And create a whole new industry for Ottawa!

I guess it is quite clear that we sometimes have the weirdest conversations that go in any direction possible. But it's fun, and we do have the occasional serious conversation as well. Although they are a bit of a rarity... Also important, we had a great run!

On another note, my weekend started today! This week and weekend has been nuts; after a interesting weekend, Monday was not much better with ad hoc requests fro DG's and other interesting developments, but definitely a lot of fun. However, as of now, my BlackBerry is off, and work is miles and miles away, only to reappear on Monday. This weekend is filled with time for us, for the house, and our annual pool party on July 1. The weather forecast is actually quite promising this year, 28 degrees and sunny. Perfect weather for a pool party if you ask me.  But I guess also nice weather to accompany a royal visit. For the people that have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, Will and Kate, yep, the Royal couple, are visiting Ottawa this week. Arriving tomorrow, and in town for Canada Day (July 1). On of their events will be attending a citizenship ceremony. Obviously that hits close to home, and I have to admit, I'm slightly jealous. It would be pretty cool to receive your certificate out of the hands of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge...
A few weeks ago, Nolan was talking about perhaps heading downtown. But after watching the Queen last year, and stories about half a million people expected downtown, we quickly opted for the televised version this time. At least then you know you will always have the front seat.

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