Monday, June 20, 2011

Intense weekend

The down time I was hoping to get only partially materialized. We went up to Mattawa on Saturday to attend the memorial service for Michael Pineau. The service was very well done, but also very intense. It's so sad to see a young life go, especially somebody as caring and intelligent as he was.

When we came home Saturday, we found out that our neighbouring street had a street party! Somehow we missed the invite, but we were still welcome to go, and met some of our neighbours. Apparently they do this every year, so we're sure to be there again next year. It's great to see that everybody gets along so well, and all of our neighbours seem really nice. Bonus!

We spent the rest of the weekend 'taking it easy'. We decided to sleep in on Sunday, and instead of running in town go for a run later in the day. We should have known that was not going to happen... We did our chores and at least the house looks cleaner, but we (well, mainly Nolan) also spent two hours trying to get a ceiling fan up, having to use the crooked electrical box installed by the builder. After a couple of hours of struggling we gave up and put the old light back up. However, even that didn't go well. So I guess we'd better get a new fixture before the parents show up in a couple of weeks (it's in the guest bedroom).
After this debacle we felt too pissed off to go for a run, so we ended up going for a nice walk. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately, lots of sunshine and no rain to speak of. We actually watered our lawn last night, trying to salvage some of the grass before it all dies...Most of our plants are doing quite well, but some are struggling a bit. It seems to coincide with whether we put extra top soil and fertilizer down. I guess a lesson for next year?

Today is the first day of a 10 day work week. Almost like the old days, when I first started working at the PRF, we would work 10 on and 4 off. It will feel a little like the old days as well, since I'll be supervising the fire crew on the weekend. Fun! I'll be keeping an extra eye on the weather this week, that's for sure.

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