Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beautiful fall

Yesterday, I decided to run home after work. I'm currently lucky enough that I only have to run on the road for about 1 km, the other 10 km are all on the trails! The colours are almost at their peak, and it's just plain gorgeous.  During my run, I stopped a couple of times to absorb all this beauty around me, and to take some pictures as well. But really, pictures don't do justice! As you can see below, the leaves look almost green, while in reality they were bright yellow. It might say something about the quality of my camera (maybe I should talk to Nolan about that ;-)) .

At one point I stopped, because I heard a bunch a birds around me. As soon as I stood there, I realized I was surrounded by chickadees! They landed on my hand, and were hoping for some food... Unfortunately I didn't have any with me, maybe next time?  While I was playing with the chickadees, I looked over, and saw the largest and brightest cardinal I have ever seen! So beautiful, but unfortunately a bit too far away to take a picture (especially since I didn't have a zoom lens).  The chickadees were more than willing to pose, except when I tried to take a picture while they were sitting on my hand they wouldn't sit still, of course...

Not a bad picture though, for a BlackBerry camera!

Today, the weather was completely different. Rain, rain, and more rain. It didn't really matter, since I had to pick up a car to take to Petawawa tomorrow. I decided to go home early to work there, and to avoid traffic. While I was sitting at the table, I noticed a little black squirrel munching on the food in the bird feeder. True, the feeder is quite easily accessible (but still attracts birds as well!):

 The main reason for the feeder is not to feed the birds, but for entertainment for our cats. And it seems to work!

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