Sunday, October 31, 2010

White Halloween

I'm totally high on candy right now... We thought we would have a record number of kids tonight, since we have two crazy Halloween houses around the corner. However, it seems that parents drop their kids of in front of those houses, and then take off again. The rest of our street is pretty dark; I think there are three other houses giving out candy, everything else is dark. We might be left with an awful lot of candy tonight!  I wonder if you can freeze candy? Or will it stay good until next year? I'm definitely candied out!
We tried to take some pictures of the Halloween houses, but it was hard since it's dark outside.

Last night we got together with Riley and Tina, whom we finally got to meet! And they could share exciting news with us: they got engaged the night before! Really exciting for both of them, especially since they seem like a really great match. We went out for coffee, then dinner, and then off to see the Warren Miller ski movie. The movie was not bad, but we enjoyed the company! And coincidentally, it had started snowing that night. The first snowfall of the season! It most likely won't last; most of it has melted by now, but when we were driving to the Running Room this morning, the trees looked beautiful. I guess we're ready for winter!

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