Friday, October 8, 2010

Long, special weekend coming up!

This Monday is Thanksgiving Monday, a statutory holiday in Canada. In other words, a day off!  But traditionally, it’s also a day you spend with family, and spend time realizing everything we have, and that we would like to ‘give thanks’ for.
This year, Thanksgiving will be especially special, since my mom, and her sister Annette will be here to celebrate with us!  Nolan and I are heading to the airport this afternoon to pick them up, and they will spend the rest of the week with us. Nolan’s parents are coming over Sunday afternoon, and we will have a real Thanksgiving lunch. Well, real… Maybe not real for some people, since there won’t be a bird. It will be a vegetarian Thanksgiving lunch! But hopefully just as delicious.
The weather forecast for the weekend is absolutely amazing, so we’ll make sure to get out there and enjoy some of the beautiful fall colours. It seems that this year the red colours are not as vibrant as they have been in previous years. Not sure why that is.

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