Monday, October 18, 2010

So quick!

This past Friday, we dropped my mom and Annette off at the airport in Montreal, marking the end of a very good week, with the only downside that it went by so quickly! We all had a wonderful time: it was, of course, nice to see my mom, to see Annette, and to show them our new house. For them it was just a good to see us, to see with their own eyes how happy we are, with each other, our lives and with everything around us.
My mom and Annette spent Tuesday in Belleville, and Wednesday around Kanata (Nolan and I had to work those two days), and Thursday we went to the Museum of Civilization, which is always worth while visiting! Friday, we took them out for a real Canadian breakfast (in the Netherlands, it's not common to go out for breakfast, so we had to show them!). My mom and I spent some time together after that, which was really nice, but also hard because we both knew she would be leaving soon.  It's difficult because we can't just stop by for a cup of coffee or so, but at least she knows I am doing well, and am well taken care off!
The weather on Friday was so bad that we decided to spend the night in Montreal, which turned out to be a wise decision. The rain was coming down sideways, and the highway is very dark and not very pleasant to drive on a normal night. This was also a good opportunity for us to celebrate our first anniversary! A bit early...
It's amazing to realize that a year has passed. But what a year it has been, for both of us. Promotions at work, a permanent position, and Canadian Citizenship. And we're still super happy as well!

Nolan is part of a great curling team, with which they play in a league. But last year, it turned out that quite often of the the team members would not be able to play, and they asked me if I was interested in becomingt their spare... Nolan had taken me out on the ice twice last year, but I still had to learn how to sweep (and delivering a rock still needs some work as well...).  But then Nolan got asked to help with a beginners clinic, which he did, as long as I could participate! Sure, no problem, so I ended up in the clinic yesterday morning. I was slightly nervous at first, especially after I found out several people had played before. But luckily, I was not the only 'true beginner', and actually really enjoyed it! But who knew I would be sore today! I hope it's not too bad, because I'm planning on running home again today. It's so nice to run on the trails, especially now with most of the leaves either on the ground or coloured and a fall sun. Just great!

Coming soon: some pictures of last week's visit. Thanks mom!

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