Saturday, August 6, 2011

And the heat continues...

The one upside of the hot, dry weather we've been experiencing this summer? We haven't had to cut our lawn in over a month! We cut a part of it last week (that is beside the house, thus in the shade), but when we tried the do the rest, you couldn't tell the difference, and we want to keep a bit of length to prevent it from burning too much. Although I am sure it's to late for that now.

Not much to report this time. Life keeps on going, and we're having fun doing it. There are a few things that I can share with you though:

- I found a giant water bug on my way to work this week. It was flat and dead, but still very impressive. Not sure what it looks like? Here is the wikipedia link, and here is a link to the image search of Google. Pretty creepy, eh? I brought it to work, and gave it to my friend Debby. She loves bugs.

- Nolan is leaving for Salt Lake City tomorrow to attend a conference. He's excited to go, meeting new people and exploring a new city. I'll enjoy some nights alone, however with too many meetings planned in the evenings I won't have too much downtime. So much for a break! Oh, and his flight is at 6:00 am tomorrow morning. Which means we have to leave the house at 4:00 am, which means the alarm clock will go off around 3:15??!! Nuts!!

- We love our back yard, which we have mentioned many times, I think. But you know what's really cool? The squirrels gave us four oak trees! Well, the probably left the acorns behind and they sprouted. They are all in good locations, so I am looking forward to watching those grow into majestic trees. Well, maybe not that big in our lives, but a good way up there.
About those squirrels though. We like them, they are cute and all, but they also steel all our bulbs! So not sure how many tulips and crocuses will come up, but time will tell. Last week they were extremely blunt; they used the bbq for a dining room table and left the evidence in plain sight. Grrrr!
And just so you know, this is what squirrels in our neck of the woods like to do:
Not sure what to say about that...

So I'll leave it at that!

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