Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Utah - Part 6 - Capitol Reef National Park

Wednesday - Hump day!
After a bit of a disappointing dinner in Green River, but good night sleep, we headed south towards Capitol Reef National Park. The highway there was very similar to what we had seen the day before; lots of nothing! But that in itself is so impressive. How often do you see something so 'empty' but still so full? I was really intrigued by it, and just loved the vastness of the landscape and the ruggedness. The numerous rocks of which none looked the same, the colour and the shapes. All in all just very different to what we are used to, and I loved it!

Really, really dry, in case you were wondering

A tree trying to survive

Another Arch, although they called it a bridge, this time in Capitol Reef National Park. Still impressive.

Cool colours and lines

Wild wild west!

The gooseneck at Capitol Reef NP

After Capitol Reef, we planned on driving to Richfield, but we saw a little side road to Fish Lake. After seeing all those rocks and deserts, it was somewhat weird, but also very familiar, to see a lake and trees! In a way very familiar to what we have in our own 'backyard', but here it just seemed somewhat out of place!

Fish Lake

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