Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life is busy!

Busy but good that is! Maybe the getting up at 3:15 on Sunday was not that great, and the fact I wouldn't see Nolan for five days wasn't fun either, but everything else is great! We actually had some rain this week, which I normally would not have been happy about, but this time it was quite welcome. Two nights in a row where I didn't have to water the plants! Have I mentioned before that I really like our garden?! The tomatoes are about to come out of our ying-yang, even with just four plants. But we pick three or four every day. Since it's just me this week, I'm falling slightly behind on the tomato consumption... With the rain, it also looks like I'll have to cut the lawn tomorrow. It's greener than it has been in a long time! Funny thing is that the four little oak trees we have dotting the lawn are all surrounded by taller and greener grass! The grass obviously benefited from my loyal watering practices!

The cats have found their spots on the bed again. Maybe because it has cooled down a bit, or maybe because they know it's just me?
Oh, and just because I felt like sharing... I made the most amazing hummus this week? Not sure what it was so bowl-licking good, but I have a feeling that the addition of basil from our own garden might have had something to do with that!! Now the challenge is to reproduce it :)

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