Sunday, August 21, 2011

Utah - Part 3: The Arches!

Today was the big day: we were visiting Arches National Park! We both had no idea what to expect, but are really glad we made the decision to go there. It was very well worth it, and we both loved it. We got up early, and were in the park before 7 am! The main reason: trying to beat the heat! We wanted to do some hiking that day as well, and the temperature as expected to go up to 95 Fahrenheit, or 35 or so Celsius. It was hot, but there was absolutely no humidity, so the heat felt very different compared to 'our' heat.
We managed to do a couple of hikes, and saw some pretty impressive arches.

Looks like a sheep, doesn't it?

Balanced Rock (wonder where it got its name from...)

Delicate Arch, apparently the most famous arch of the park.

Delicate Arch in the distance

Little friend

Some really cool trees

Broken Arch

Looking at something...

Some sort of blue bird 

The Landscape Arch

The Window Arches

Can you see the Elephants??!!

We ended the day with a great dinner at a local diner. Awesome veggie burger, and some more than delicious desert!

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  1. Nice pics Katalijn!
    Been some year since I've been there (guess it was in 1992...).
    And I loved it: especially Delicate Arch!
    I also remember the MacDonalds in "Uranium capitol of the world" Moab, they had something with their yellow arches too...!?