Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just some random photos

That's what happens when you get a new camera, you want to show the moments it captured! Which of course also allows for a very rare glimpse of our lives :)
They are reduced in size, otherwise it would take days to upload them, so the quality is not as great as the original photos.
First set of photos is from our visit to the Experimental Farm and Agriculture Museum in Ottawa. Lots of animals!

To be clear, I do understand English.

Calves were only a couple of weeks old

A cross between a goat and a poodle, or in other words a goodle. Ok, we made that up but it sure looked like it.

Taken through the glass, a cuddly bunch of piglets!

Just like Annigje, a goat we used to have growing up.


My mom looking cold, despite the 30+ weather (and we keep our A/C at a comfy 25C when it gets too hot)

Look at all the tomatoes!

Our basil plants completely grown out of control

Our little wildlife corner. The birds love the bath.

A reminder of the fire from a few weeks ago. You can see it from our deck...

Our colourful deck!

Nolan took this picture at Horserama in Brockville

A regular guest in our backyard. It's taken through the window, so the colour is not great.

During our walk around the pond, a blue heron


  1. Leuk! Wat voor een camera heb je gekocht?
    En de kruisig tussen een geit en een poedel is volgens mij een Angora geit!
    Veel plezier met je nieuwe camera!
    Gr. Claudia

  2. Hi Claudia,
    Volgens mij klopt dat wel, die Angora geit. Maar Goodle klonk ook wel leuk :)
    We hebben een Canon Powershot SX 230. Geen hele fancy camera met grote lens, maar toch redelijke kwaliteit. We wilden iets dat we makkelijk meekonden nemen, en deze doet 'the trick'!